Brianna & Frankie
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Saturday, July 01, 2017
By Solaris Photography
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There are some couples that you know are meant for each other and Brianna and Frankie are just one of them.  They added me to their social media accounts as soon as they hired me months ago and it has been a delight to follow their lovely posts and seeing them count down the days until their wedding day!  I was probably as anxious as them for this beautiful day to finally arrive!

They promised to love each other forever at Stardance Event Center , and it really was the perfect location to celebrate their union.  I have to say I'm very proud I convinced them to do a first look; they were quite hesitant when I first suggested the idea, but if you have a moment to view their slideshow, you will see what an emotional moment this was!  (make sure you have a tissue handy before you look!)

Thanks lovebirds for letting us be part of your special day!  We are so happy we captured these moments for you to cherish with your family for years to come!!  #adventurestoapodaca

Brianna and Frankie

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Lupita Ramirez - Can't agree more!!
Christina - I have to agree, these two are made for each other. Thank you for capturing their special day, your pictures are beautiful, spectacular and I am in awe ever time a look at them.

Christina - Briana's Mom
Lupita Ramirez - Thanks so much!
Jo A - Beautiful!